Working Together

“Bob was beyond helpful and knowledgeable. He knew more about wedding ceremonies, and various traditions than anyone I have ever met. When we met with him he asked us a series of questions to get to know us and to get a genuine feel for what we were looking for.

 The outcome was unreal. It was so personal to us and our relationship.” ~ Jennie (Bride, 6/28/14)

Special Moments call for Special Recognition

  • I’ll guide you STEP BY STEP (see below).
  • We’ll let the creation process offer as much intimacy growth as the actual ceremony.

Rituals and ceremonies are helpful ways to express to the world the meaning in this moment and your feelings about it, and also to give and receive support from family, friends and community.

Our work together will produce a ceremony that is truly meaningful to you and loved-ones. And I hope we’ll develop a relationship that you can feel comfortable calling upon again and again, beyond the ceremony.

I know that in your process of creating a ceremony you may interact with many service providers. I invite you to consider working with me to create your ceremony not just a service. I care deeply about YOU, your family and that you truly EXPERIENCE one of the most significant moments of your life. That is what is fulfilling to me, and hopefully you as well.


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Ceremony Coaching / Co-Creative Process

I believe that you already know what will make for a meaningful ceremony. I’m here to help you discover it, or to sift through the many possibilities, to co-create a ceremony that you will remember.

Through the process I describe below, ceremonies that I perform are often described as incredibly meaningful, personal, enjoyable, and touching. As appropriate, they often include small elements of surprise to help keep the couple “in-the-moment” (such as keeping personally-written vows to each other a secret until the ceremony).

How We Work Together

  1. Meet & Plan: We’ll meet in person or over the phone/skype to get to know one another. We’ll discuss typical elements of a ceremony and I’ll explain them so you can make informed choices about what you’d like to include. After this meeting, you’ll have a clear picture of the ceremony as well as what your next steps are (typically choosing a reading, vows, etc.)
  2. Agreement: The meeting is a no-obligation opportunity to get to know one another and plan. If you decide to work together, you return the signed agreement and deposit. (The agreement spells out clearly details like date, time, location of ceremony as well as costs, payment plan, and emergency safeguards.)
  3. Personal Elements: I’ll write more personal, relationship-oriented elements of the ceremony based on our conversations as well as a questionnaire that you can complete at your convenience.
  4. Ritual Elements: We’ll co-create rituals that represent the joining of your lives.
  5. Vows Coaching: If you’d like help writing your vows, I’m happy to help!
  6. Draft: You’ll get to see a draft of the ceremony so you can request any changes you’d like (except in cases of elopements or quick turnaround times when this isn’t feasible).
  7. Rehearsal: I am happy to facilitate a rehearsal if the event coordinator at your facility does not do so.
  8. Ceremony: I’ll arrive early to help make sure things are set up appropriately for the ceremony. I also like to meet with the couple – as a couple or individually – to remind you of my full support of you and to lead you through any relaxation or meditative techniques that will be helpful.
  9. Documentation: I’ll complete your marriage license!
  10. Reception: Unless I know you personally, I will not usually stay for the reception – I know every plate has a price!  I will, however, stay to say grace if you’d like to arrange for that.


I WORK WITH JOURNEYS OF THE HEART, a group of officiants for non-denominational, secular, spiritual and religious ceremonies. This has the benefit of a back-up system (should something happen to me before the ceremony, there are other highly experienced and loving individuals who have access to the draft of your ceremony and can perform it if necessary).

Before the Ceremony

Consider these both loving and logistical ways to prepare mind, body and heart for the special day: Ceremony-Day Preparations.

Custom Ceremonies & Officiation for Same-Sex Couples