Type of Ceremony

The celebration of your marriage can be a small, simple experience for the purpose of legal recognition or a grand, elegant affair to party with friends and family.

Either way, a ceremony that is created for you and your relationship can be a meaningful and powerful way to mark this transition, to honor your past, and to consciously step into a lifetime of commitment.

Elopement ~ Formal Affair

Whether you are marrying in your living room, back yard, a small room at a restaurant, or inviting 300 of your closest friends to an event space – this is up to you!  Consider having a custom ceremony, no matter what you do in the celebration around it.

Secular ~ Spiritual ~ Religious ~ Interfaith

You choose the language of your ceremony based on your current beliefs and real-life practices. Some people grew up with a formal religion, but have no desire to include it in their ceremony. Others want a little mention of the divine and that is enough. You decide!

Secular: all about love and your relationship.

Spiritual: general references to the divine, spirit of love, or “God.”

Religious: incorporating readings or rituals from religious traditions.

Interfaith: In a custom ceremony, you can incorporate beliefs and rituals from various religious traditions!


Custom Ceremonies & Officiation for Same-Sex Couples